Is your signage vendor making your job easy or hard?  A true partner who values your business will provide a remarkable customer experience through the facilitation of your signage needs.  Or they can hinder a positive experience, adding even more work to your plate.  How can you tell the difference?  Be on the lookout for these clues:


Ease of Communication: A signage vendor can make the customer’s job easy by providing clear and effective communication channels. Promptly responding to inquiries, being accessible through multiple channels (email, phone, online chat), and having knowledgeable staff available to assist customers can greatly enhance the customer experience.


Understanding Customer Needs: A vendor who takes the time to understand their customer’s specific requirements can make their lives easier. This involves listening to the customer’s goals, providing expert advice, and offering tailored solutions that meet their needs. By understanding the customer’s industry, target audience, and desired outcomes, a signage vendor can provide appropriate recommendations and minimize the effort required from the customer’s side.


Design Assistance: Providing design services and guidance can significantly simplify the customer’s to-do list. A signage vendor who offers design services, templates, and access to graphic designers can help customers imagine visually appealing and effective signage options.  Pre-design advice, direction and multiple revisions helps customers to tailor a design that fits their unique needs.


Streamlined Ordering Process: Simplifying the ordering process is crucial for providing a remarkable customer experience. This involves having an intuitive and user-friendly process and providing clear instructions for placing orders. The process should be transparent, with all costs, specifications, and deadlines clearly communicated to avoid any confusion or frustration.


Production and Delivery Timelines: Meeting or exceeding production and delivery timelines is essential for customer satisfaction. A signage vendor who consistently delivers products on time and keeps customers informed about the progress of their order can significantly reduce the customer’s stress and workload. Conversely, delays or poor communication about production and delivery can make the customer’s job harder.


Installation Management: Providing installation management and oversight, being onsite during signage installation,  can make the process go smoothly, ultimately making the customer’s job easier. Clear instructions and guidance can help subcontractors install the signage correctly, saving everyone time and effort. Alternatively, a lack of installation support or inadequate instructions can lead to frustration and increased workload for the customers.


Post-Sale Support: Offering reliable post-sale support is crucial for customer satisfaction. Providing assistance with any issues, questions, or concerns that arise after the purchase can greatly ease the customer’s mind. This includes promptly addressing any problems, providing warranty coverage, and offering responsive customer service to resolve any issues that may arise.


Overall, a signage vendor who focuses on excellent communication, understanding customer needs, providing design assistance, streamlining the ordering process, meeting deadlines, offering installation management, and providing post-sale assistance can significantly contribute to making their customer’s lives easier.