But local SMBs will have to capture shoppers’ attention via digital means in order to benefit.

Approximately 75 percent of consumers say they plan to patronize local SMBs for their holiday shopping needs, according to Vistaprint’s 2017 Consumer Small Business Shopping Report — but most shoppers will make decisions about which of these businesses to visit through digital means.

In fact, nearly 80 percent of consumers say that a search engine — whether accessed via desktop, mobile, or voice-activated assistant — is their top choice for looking up information about a local business.

So, local SMBs that can capture shoppers’ digital attention stand to benefit from a significant foot-traffic boost this holiday season. But how?

Practice Location Management: The first step in helping customers to find (and then visit) a local business is to make sure that the name, address, and phone number data is listed correctly — on a proprietary website and across all platforms where the business is listed.

If a business’ details are incorrect or inconsistent, it’s likely that the business either won’t rank highly for a specific location search, or that the customer could become confused — and the business loses out on a sale. And in 2017, businesses also need to think about the growing volume of voice-based searches — and how to optimize their underlaying data layer for consumption by voice-first devices.